January 7, 2008

Twittering: and it's not because of too much coke!

Today I discovered Twitter (www.twitter.com). I know twitter isn't new, I've been reading about it, and seeing blog posts, but never got around to checking it out until today. I love it! I've been hyping it up to my friends with mixed responses. Gabby in particular thinks it's really lame, but her dad and her friends think it's cool, so I'm sure she'll succumb once it takes off in our group of friends. It's an awesome concept and a great way to keep in touch with friends. I'm envisioning seeing that my friend who I don't talk to much is having a party, he twitters it, I see it, and catch up with an old friend thanks to twitter. The trick is getting my friends into it! Does anyone have any tips on selling your friends on MORE web2.0 bs? The facebook app is a pretty nice touch, my friends are addicted to facebook so maybe that's the way to their hearts bookmarks. If anyone has any ideas, or already uses twitter let me know. I'm lamalex_ over there.

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