February 18, 2008

f(x)/Prague Rokk show Satuday Feb 23!!

Despite being rather down the past few weeks some very exciting things are happening in the near future. Next Saturday, in Burham, PA, f(x) has our first show in I don't know how long. It's been quite a while. We've been practicing and the old songs are tight and we've got some new ones for the kids upstate. We are super stoked to be playing again after a long hiatus. Unfortunately with Derek away at Penn State University, and me at Temple in Philly, we haven't been able to practice or play shows, luckily for us though last time we played in central PA, the kids dug it and want us to play their cancer benefit show or something like that. It's going to be a lot of fun. Even more exciting is that our best friend band Shinke are also booked! Shinke are pretty much the best band since Six Foot Smurf. If you live in or around State College, Lewistown, or Burham, come check out the show. It starts at 2pm at the Burham Lion's club 1st Ave Burnham, Pennsylvania 17009 US The show costs $5, but that's for 10 bands and some (all?) of the proceeds benefit the Lewistown Area High School Art Club's trip to Europe. Support Art Education and local music by coming out to this awesome show. We are playing 5th, and Shinke are playing 8th, so if 2 is a little bit too early, you can still come and see us! We're expecting to be going on around 5 and Shinke around 8. KIDS FROM PHILLY! Drive up!! We will partying like crazy after the show, I know there are already a few cars of kids driving up so ask your friends maybe you can bum a ride, or start your own caravan.
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