February 4, 2008

A sad day for Cyclists everywhere :(

There isn't a cyclist today who hasn't at some point in his or her cycling career ran into the encylopedia of cycling and bicycle knowledge that is www.sheldonbrown.com. Sheldon Brown was on of the cycling communities most enthusiastic and knowledgeable members. The other night, our dear friend Sheldon passed away by means of a heart attack. He leaves behind a wife, two children, and an entire community of cyclists. My own relationship was Sheldon was rather small, we had emailed back and fourth a few times starting when I was restoring a 1970s Peugeot UO-8 and needed to find some french threaded parts that are hard to find, and more recently when I was fixing a Specialized M2 Comp. that was given to me. It had an incredibly stuck seat post, and Sheldon gave me advice to try to dissolve the chemical corrosion between the seat post and tube. Despite his godlike status in the cycling commutity (or at least in my own eyes, I have an affection for eccentric old men, as well as cyclists), Sheldon was always prompt in his replies and seemed to actually care whether or not my issue got solved. It felt good to have someone to ask who wouldn't harass you for asking a dumb question. Sheldon is going to be deeply missed :( R.I.P. -- Sheldon Brown, 1944-2008.

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