July 27, 2008

GNOME Do 0.5.97 released!!

The GNOME Do project have released our first alpha in preparation for the 0.6 release. 0.6 will build upon the success of the 0.5 release by adding a host of new features and improvements on existing features.
  • Text mode with better handling of large text inputs with
  • Multiple item selection with ','
  • Massive speed improvements, we can now have universes over 50k and still be blazing fast.
  • Faster start up time, regardless of number of plugins
  • Enhanced learning capabilities
  • Enhanced string matching on item searches
  • A beefed up results window with item count, and breadcrumb display.
  • Shelf is now optional (thank god right?)
  • A plugin updating mechanism
With all of these awesome new features, we need some help from you. WE NEED TESTERS!! Ubuntu (hardy and intrepid) packages can be found at https://launchpad.net/~do-core/+archive, and a source tarball is available as well. Please upgrade and let us know about any bugs you find! We love making do better, so any help from the community is appreciated and needed. Our bug tracker for core can be found here, and the plugin tracker for plugins, can be found here.


gabbyeisenhower said...

Alex, I'm so ridiculously proud of you. It looks kickass. I will DL as soon as I get home.

gabbyeisenhower said...

OMG- ALSO- I made it into one of your screencaps! Aw! Anniversary <3