July 7, 2008

Wall-E: Unbearably Cute, Bitingly Ironic.

Gabby and I saw Wall-E last night. It was adorable, those little robots broke our hearts. Wastefulness is a huge issue right now, and I hope Wall-E's target audience, and more importantly their parents, pick up on the obvious anti-waste/anti-consumerist message. However, while I was trying to hold back the tears (robot love gets me every time), I couldn't help but feel the sting of irony. Wall-E takes place in a Dystopian future (some will disagree with that statement) where humans have been forced to evacuate Earth after its surface has been covered with trash, making the planet unsustainable. Could anyone else not help thinking about all of the plastic shit Disney is going to produce for this movie? So many Wall-E toys will be sold to kids in toy stores and happy meals, and so many Wall-E toys will make their way into landfills. Plastic production is nasty business, and making all of this non-recyclable garbage in non-sustainable factories is complete hypocrisy and an affront to this adorable crusader of an animated film. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not the parent of a young child, because I'm 20, and I can hardly stop myself from buying Wall-E toys.

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